Level Up Academy - A  K-8 public charter school serving students in the northeast metro.  

Personalized Learning  |  Intentional Use of Technology  |  Small & Mixed Age Classes

Our emphasis on personalized learning allows teachers to honor where each child is in their development and to guide them to mastery at their own pace. Our students will continually “level up.” This differs from the calendar and age driven model of social promotion.

Students are organized in mixed age groupings with small class sizes.  We strive for Technology to be an intentional part of the methods and our curriculum will be aimed at high achievement and best practice aligned to the Minnesota State Standards. This does not mean your student is in front of a screen the entire day! We value peer learning, 

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“Every child deserves a personalized learning plan.”
— Level Up Academy parent



  • Personalized Learning Plans that will grow with students with online access for parents
  • Coding for grades K-8
  • Band and Orchestra for 4th-8th graders including group lessons during the school day
  • Piano Lessons for K-8th Graders during the school day
  • After School Dance Lessons for grades K-3 and grades 4-8
  • After School Clubs with Monthly Themes for grades 4-8
  • Art on Mondays, Music Tuesdays/Thursdays, PE Wednesdays/Fridays
  • Green Screen for Video Production
  • Updated Lunch system
  • New Furniture and Spaces
  • 3D printers
  • New PLAYGROUND - we would like to grow!  See link below for playground donatons 

                                                                                          Are you ready to Level Up?


"Individualization means that each person is learning at their own pace and the lesson is set to that person’s ability. It allows everybody to keep moving ahead in their learning.

Lets face it.  Games are just fun! I am more motivated by allowing me to learn at my own pace.”

—    student experiencing individualized learning and education games to promote motivation

“I can't thank you all enough for the amazing work that you've done!  
Last year, my son was in a traditional classroom with a burned-out teacher, and he was miserable and filled with anxiety for the first time in his life. The school was completely unable/unwilling  to differentiate instruction or do anything else to help him with the anxiety.  We finally pulled him out and homeschooled for the rest of the year...even though I also work part time. It was heart-breaking, and took a long time to heal. 
Starting this school year was really hard for him because it brought back all the feelings he had about last school year. But now that he's seen how very different school can be, he looks and acts like the confident happy child that he's always been. 
... the staff at Level Up know him better than his last two elementary teachers ever did. And, all the big and little things you've done--from opening a whole new school to trying new ways of teaching, to noticing his outfit, or having a light-hearted conversation about video games--have made a world of difference not just for him but for our whole family.  ~ Level Up Academy parent

Playground Donations

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Level Up Academy is a Minnesota tuition free public charter K-8 school serving the Northeast Metro.