Welcome to our student account store.  

This is where you can put funds into your student's account for Breakfast/Lunch, Extended Day, Activities, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to know your balance by emailing info@levelupacademy.org.  You will receive a receipt when you finish your transaction.  

Thank you!

Level Up Academy


Lunch Fees:

  • Breakfast $1.70

  • Lunch $2.70


Extended Day Fees: 
**You must have contacted our office manager to arrange for Extended Day. A 7-day notice is required for drop-ins or  3-day notice for changes in arrangements per the Level Up Academy policy/contract for each student.
$11.00/student per day - for consistent days each week through the year
$13.00/student per day - for pick your days ahead of time (7 days notice)
$17.00/student per day - for drop-ins (3 days notice)


Please use the button below to make your payments. Thanks!

Level Up Academy Payments