Director Message

Are you ready to LEVEL UP?

A message from Ms.Dandelet


Welcome to Level Up Academy, a K-8 community where we build relationships first, then allow students to grow as learners through personalized learning paths.  


Whether you are learning in-person or on-line, you will immediately feel the positive culture that has been intentionally built by our team.  This environment exists because our #weCODE expectations 

- Cooperation, Ownership, Do Your Best, Everyone Matters -

are the foundation of daily life! Both adults and children in our community are accountable to these expectations because positive environments are the only environments for learning.


We are one of few schools in our state and nation that is prioritizing computer science at all levels, K-8, not for an hour or for a special event, but as part of our regular academic curriculum.  Computer science isn’t just programming, it is an innovative and exciting avenue to build the competencies of problem-solving, computational thinking, and creativity!

Our small community makes a difference.  Students at Level Up Academy are seen and heard.  We know more than each student’s name. We know their histories and aspirations.  This is our priority because at LUA students are not numbers, they are family!


I am proud of this school and our community and would love the opportunity to share more information with you!  If you are interested in learning more, please make an appointment for a tour and a conversation. You are welcome here!

                                                                                                                               With Gratitude - 

                                                                                                                               Molly Dandelet


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