• Molly Dandelet

All-School Field Trip!

Level Up Academy students had a great time at the MN History Center!

Our K-8 learners had a great time stepping outside the walls of LUA and into the rich history of our state! Our day was filled with hands-on and experiential learning. From our Native Cultures to WWII to the importance of grain to our MN economy, we left with a better understanding of the importance of those who came before us, and how we can positively impact generations to come.

The exhibit that was talked about the most when students returned to Level Up Academy was the tornado experience where students were able to ride out the 1965 Fridley tornado in a basement!

For some of our youngest learners, this was their first time on a school bus, and THAT was the highlight of the day!

At LUA, we honor where each learner is. We all had different take-aways on this trip, but one thing we shared in common was the fun of being together as a K-8 community on this all-school adventure!

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