• Molly Dandelet

Family Pathways = Family Engagement

Our first Family Pathways event of the year was a success! Together, with our families, we focused on Strength-based Learning, a foundation at Level Up Academy that focuses on "What's STRONG with you instead of what's WRONG with you!" Strength-based learning allows us to personalize learning, build community, and maximize our students' experiences so they can thrive. Each attendee received access to the same strengths assessment that our students receive! Thanks to all families and teachers who attended!

Want to know more about Family Pathways?

At LUA we believe that students are learners, families are learners, and teachers/staff are learners, too! We call this a learner-centric community. We know that when we all grow together we become a stronger team for our students.

Let's face it, school is different today then when we were in school - especially in a personalized environment. Family Pathways events allow our adult community to learn about topics that are foundational to how we teach at LUA and how your children learn!

Our next Family Pathway opportunity will take place on Tuesday, February 1 at 7PM. This will be an in-person event and the topic will be Computational Thinking.

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