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Local artist and author, Nino Nardecchia, visits LUA classrooms

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Nino Nardecchia, "The Dragon Keeper," shares his intricate carvings and mythical stories with LUA students.

Nino Nardecchia often tells youngsters his job is head dragon keeper.

Carved from wood and synthetic material, Nardecchia's dragons are detailed, friendly-looking creatures. The artist has been displaying them at art fairs, Renaissance festivals and community events for years.

Naturally, children have always been drawn to the often cuddly-looking dragons, some of which sport skis or snowboards, or are depicted napping alongside baby dragons.

The children weren't satisfied just seeing Nardecchia's creations, though. They wanted to know all about them. What Nardecchia told the children ended up being  the basis for his book.

"I developed a mythology around the dragons to entertain the kids," he said.

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